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₪... Research and Development

Our main development focus can currently be divided into three categories:

Bionic color restoration

Using innovative bionic processes, it is possible to automatically recolor even poor-quality color images.These methods are currently being further developed in an EU project to address the problem of reliably identifying ammunition in the sea and/or in the vicinity of critical infrastructure.The aim is to equip unmanned underwater vehicles with such intelligence that a situation-compliant, timely reaction can take place.

Self-configuring (visual) memory structures

Using novel neuronal-based single-layer categorizers, it is possible to fully recognize and visualize objects (even those that are only presented for a short time), even if they are massively covered.In addition, we are working on a procedure in which the existing knowledge base is automatically expanded when new qualitative images are presented.

Personalized medical decision support systems

In order to implement an individual diabetes management system, we have developed special neural processes that encode temporal histories.In addition to the known physiological parameters, these also take into account the personal history, the social and professional environment and individual characteristics of the person to be supported.In this way, it is possible to create a (also predictive) analysis of the person and to implement therapy support. In addition, a direct connection to medical specialists can be used to trigger an early alarm in the event of significantly deteriorating health conditions.

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