Signal Deconvolution

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₪ Time and harmonic deconvolution with DLS and mFD


Most industrial plants have a more or less complex structure-borne noise behavior. This be broken down into its individual harmonics to restore masked oscillation components, to detect individual fundamentals and to track changes over time for maintenance is the task of our classic spike analyzer. Its high robustness and adaptivity results from the fact that the principles of neural acoustic signal processing of vertebrate animals have been fed into the algorithms of this special software tool -  because who listens better than nature?

Predestined uses of our application are:

  • Materials evaluation on the basis of structure-borne sound fingerprinting and its temporal change under stress and aging

  • Time series and frequency analysis of series of measurements for modeling and / or general fundamental detection of oscillatory single or multiple systems such as spiking neural networks or complex acoustic scenarios ( cocktail party effect).

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