Data and Sensor Security

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₪ Data and Sensor Security

Sensor-based process monitoring, whether on site or in a distributed sensor network, still presents all operators with an almost unsolvable problem. Should a monitoring unit on the one hand be highly flexible in terms of meteorological, material-related or fault-related influences, e.g. B. from other systems, the individuality of the data transfer must be guaranteed on the other side. In order to ensure both requirements through a system, it must not only be designed intelligently, but also adaptively, which means knowing material and sensor characteristics, absorbing aging-related changes and being redesignable in the event of system changes. This is only possible through adaptive data categorizers. IngB RT&S has taken on this task and, derived from our monitoring and analysis software products in use in the industrial, medical and defense sectors, has developed a new type of neural-based categorizer. This - like our situation assessors - follow the principle of "Computing with Activities" developed by us, which can store an almost infinite amount of information in the "smallest space".

Integrated in AdaptSich, our new system serves your data authentication, adaptive quality management and spectrum monitoring, in that AdaptSich examines your data for fluctuations and categorizes them in a task-oriented manner.

Due to its high storage density, trends can also be stored in AdaptSich, which means that an essential prerequisite for preventive maintenance can be fulfilled.

The handling of AdatSich is very simple: Once conditioned on the basis of your operating or process data, AdaptSich analyzes incoming data in online mode and categorizes them according to "green" and "red". Of course, AdaptSich can also be installed on your smartphone, so that you can retain control over your data from anywhere at any time.

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