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₪... Problem of ammunition in the sea

On January 1, 2023, IngB RT&S was commissioned to develop an application of its color-restoring filter technology for the use of autonomous underwater vehicles and to integrate it into existing ROVs as part of the EU-funded EU project "MarTERA-EROVMUS".In the first mission, these will detect old ammunition that has been dumped in the sea, categorize its condition and also identify severely damaged ammunition bodies.

In preparation for the final filter architectures, IngB RT&S carried out the first test measurements in various Mediterranean regions in the summer of 2023.

The aim was to check the filters to see whether:

  • Significant contrast detection can be achieved for improved categorization/identification of undersea objects
  • the color restoration routines also work in the submarine area.

The filters were able to meet both requirements without pre-/or re-adjustment.


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