Project approach

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₪ … we for you

         For the optimal protection of your data and know-how we made it to our standard, that at the beginning of a business relationship, even before a contract between us is concluded, we sign up a confidential agreement   (NDA) in accordance with  national and/or international standards.

      In the second step we take a look at your  (anonymised) data set  that shall be analysed to see, if we can use our experience and methods for your setting of tasks.

If we get promising results  we submit our offer  and discuss with you and your team/your final users  our ideas concerning to the contemplated software application, the time  horizon   and the necessary data for conditioning the software.

Compiled specially for your requirements, we provide  a team of researchers and developer together, discuss with you and your operators the structure and functionality of the human-machine-interface and how/if you want to  be involved  in the software development and software evaluation phase.

After your  software application has been created and tested, we teach you/your staff how to handle the software  and its manuals.

Of  course, we will accompany you -on your request- after the delivery of the software regarding the maintance, the software live cycle and further developments of your application.

₪ …our Range of Service – what happens with your Data?

   Since we know that operating or production data is subject to a special level of secrecy       these days, your data is first stored in a protected database that can only be accessed           with special - of course password-protected - software. Of course thisdata Base is               offline and not in a cloud.

Using our special CI-based software, next we analyze your data sets whether and how many linearly independent system states can be detected by your sensors. In that way,  we can give you very early first hints regarding the quality of description of  your processes and/or systems by the sensor data sets.

Once the  "information space" has been defined and   the final set of tasks of the software applications finally is discussed with you, we developed the special - adaptable -  modules that reflect the range of items which should be handled by the software. Of course, all interfaces  with your processes and/or systems are developed in parallel and tested immediatly for performance and ergonomics.

Unlike conventional expert-, regulation- and control systems, our software systems - if you want-  are introduced already at this stage to you or your applicants so that you can integrate  your expert knowledge too "on  running wheel" .

As we have learned. only in that way it is possible to make mathematically describable processes and aging processes by means of an implicit modeling manageable and for our clients and partners intuitive understandable .

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