Trend Analysis / BigData

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₪ Trend Analysis/BigData

Many companies nowadays  have an extensive data base of their applications and processes, but mostly, how and who automatically analyzes this data by company-relevant criteria? And how to detect and eliminate malfunctions or anomalies of a system, natural trends such as meteorological fluctuations, again and again (random or periodic) occurring disturbances and sensor-related characteristics as well as sensor-related differences in the data sets without loosing the information of the real error occurring in the system?

The IngB RT&S makes thoughtful and ventured it’s new idea into one of their products where we combine traditional things with the latest CI-based technology to identify your company-relevant information from large (old and new) data and mark fail functions and/or error behaviour automatically.

All according to the approach: statistics and computer intelligence must not bite, but should complement each other! Merged issues from both we  created a system which - once conditioned on task - scans your databases automatically after the events of your really interest, builds continuously a problem-relevant error statistics from first use and  update this statistic automatically - and therefore your employees relieved to the extent  only to look at "really" relevant data in more detail.

Of course, in our system, alarm and malfunction routines are integrated to provide you a status report about your sensor network.

Use your old data cemeteries to reference the past to plan your future with our software effectively and shape!

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