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Our daliy business:

Filters, developed by IngB RT&S, are integrated into already running systems.

Here some example applications:

Our bionic filters in action

On the right side our filter in use for quality control independent of lighting - of course with virtual collision control for safe interaction between human and robot.

Illumination inversion Contour and motion detection for safe interaction between robot and human being under extremely fluctuating lighting conditions by defining virtual danger protection areas.

...and in a modified version: lighting invariant contour recognition to support autonomous driving. See the trailers below, left Original, right Contour-Filter representation.

Technical details of the filters:

Necessary external libraries/frameworks: none

Operating system independent

Language: C

Shown Example:

Camera: Logitec; used hardware: Asus Laptop

Processingtime/frame: 31 ms

₪ … about us

         IngB RT&S GmbH is an association of scientists and programmers form different areas of expertise. This enables us to contact easily and directly  task-specific  specialists to manage diverse and not yet been treated  topics.

      In addition, we use our network of researchers and developers to bundle job-oriented expertise from industrial, medical and defense technology.

    Based  on this portfolio and the distortion-free knowledge transfer  of differnt approaches,  the  IngB RT&S Ltd. succeeds to implement  highly innovative approaches focused on new kinds of software applications.

That this strategy is not only purposeful but also pointing the way, shows the fact   that one of our military products was priced with the "Innovation Award of the German Defense Industry" in 2007, one of our medical products in 2014 with the price "Best Of" of the German Industry,  our industrial products for on-line-supervicing steel production lines with the IT price "Innovationspreis-IT" in March 2015  and  one of our medical products with the price "Best Of" in April 2015.

In 2016 our team published a new product: decoding and encoding by the principle of  "Computing with Activities", one of our mayor research areas. As these special neural nets can  record keys in an 100*100 net, the jury found: that  is a Best Of  Industry product.

Since some years a new core area of our R&D-activities grow up, the   lighting invariant and noise robust detection of  contours  and objects based on bionic principles. This new R&D-area was honored 2017 with the "Best Of 2017" certificate.

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