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₪ CI-based Persons and Data Categorisation


Not only in the stock market neural networks and other computer intelligence based methods held their successful entry but also in medicine and in insurance industry. IngB RT&S tackled this task some years ago and create a CI-based software packet which enables to combine different data to a personal or system specific finger print. Once such an finger print is conditioned our special neural network applications categorize systems or people not only with respect to their current state, but also assess trend predictions.


And thus these results do not only disappear some where in a unknown database, on demand the system analyzes and trends are shipped via e-mail automatically to your personal computer and/or where ever you want.


In our medical application we use our industrial and defense-related high tech experience for the physicians and patients to create an optimal neural net based finger print system in context of individulalized personal health care. As all results are visualiezed by a simple color coding, both, physican and patients, no longer have to waste their time by fighting through mountains of data but will pursue by a button's click thearapheutic trends, indivdualized prognoses and momentary state reports.




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