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Software applications, there are many in the market, but often the problem arises which of them can be integrated without much effort into an existing production process or in an existing sensor configuration or for the processing of new data sets can be used best.


As the past shows, exceed the costs necessary for optimum adaptation to the existing software systems usually the financial cost of a new development.


On the other hand, giving a software development into order is often associated with the risk that the new software application does not do what it must do in order to truly optimize your processes or tasks.


Taking those problems into account, IngB RT&S developed a simple but minimized for you as large as possible risk business strategy, which can be depicted briefly summarized as:

You deliver (anonymous) data,


We analyse your data in the run-up of an order and create

an concept,


In partnership we develope a clientele oriented software

application for your existing or in the development located




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Industry 4.0, it's our field - since years. Look at our Software-Applications.


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